March 5th, 2012

Someone recently mentioned how much they liked my Ten Tools to Get Through My Week  post. So, it’s been on my mind, and here are ten more.

  1. Pain is temporary. Unless it’s not.

    I sprained my ankle. Badly. But, every day it’s a little better. And every day it still hurts. I could be complaining, sitting on the couch and waiting for it to get better. I’m not. I’ve been walking, doing gentle exercises, soaking it, and generally taking good care of it. And the pain is temporary. But if there is a task, a job, a “thing” I cannot move past, maybe it’s time to look at what is causing that pain eliminate it, resolve it, or find a new perspective. Pain that lasts forever benefits no one.

  2. Food is Medicine

    If you eat like crap, you feel like crap. Enough said.

  3. Very little is IMPORTANT

    Since my daughter was born, and the last 6 months, and the last 2 weeks, blah blah blah…. it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the IMPORTANCE of things. But really, are you loved? Are you safe? The rest has a crazy way of working itself out. So put down the drama, the cell phone, and the IMPORTANT things long enough to realize you are fine. It will all be fine.

  4. Making a perfect hard-boiled egg is not that hard, yet frequently it’s impossible

    It’s really simple. Cold water 1 inch over the egg. Bring to a hard boil, cover and simmer on low for 10 minutes. Immediately cool. Perfect creamy yellow, and the egg peels in one piece. IN THEORY. And almost everything in life is a hard-boiled egg. You have to practice, and you’ll still hit a bad batch of eggs.

  5. Trying new things makes you think new things

    For various reasons, I’ve been taking on different types of clients. I’ve been reading different books. I’ve been going new places. Expanding my comfort zone because it feels good. And because when I do, I discover how much I like new things. And how much I like creating new things. And when I reach past my walls, I discover that they weren’t really walls. Just suggestions that I didn’t need to follow.

  6. Saying ‘No’ is not a bad thing

    It’s okay to not do everything. In fact, it’s good. It means that the things you do, you can do well. So don’t overbook, overdo or over promise. Say a few ‘No’s.

  7. Stop while you’re ahead – and get some sleep

    I’m too tired to find ten. So you get seven. Night night!


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