May 8th, 2012

Martin Atkins swears a lot. A lot. More than that. But, what he has to say should be heard no matter how many f-bombs there are in there. He’s spent decades learning music, business, and people and will share all of it, if you listen.

So, here’s your chance. He wrote a book called Tour:Smart. It is awesome. Buy it, or steal it. He wrote Welcome to the Music Business You’re Fucked. It is also awesome. And if you watch his kickstarter video, you can have it for FREE.

Did I mention his kickstarter video? His next book Band:Smart has even more contributors, even more amazing information and even more swearing. So, why so much swearing Martin?

“I’ve decided that if more fucks-per-page than any other book out there gets someone to read, retain this information and use it to create their own success (or at least avoid some problems) then who the fuck is anyone to say I shouldn’t put a few more (and more) fucks in my book? I’m happy to use any means necessary to communicate – from fucks to free.”

In addition to sponsoring f-bombs, you can get copies of his music, pieces of his memorabilia, and maybe even learn something along the way.

Band:Smart includes contribution from names like Adam Grayer, Andrew Dubber, Andy Sernovitz, Ariel Hyatt, Bob Lefsetz, George Massenburg, Fabricio Nobre, Joel Gausten, Josh Hogan, Julian Herzfeld, Lee Popa, Madalyn Sklar, Ryan Lykken, Mark Kates, Mark Williams, Micah Solomon, Nan Warshaw, Ruth Daniel, Tommy Borschield, Wendy Day AND ME!


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