June 3rd, 2012

He does. He’s an asshole. He’s tough, and mean.

But mostly, he sucks because he thinks of and does things that everyone else wishes that they could think of and do. He does crazy and makes it seem brilliant. He wraps other people’s dumb up in bacon, deep fries it, serves it with a side of awesome that makes the rest of the world look really bad.

Just recently he created a hugely hilarious and profound Kickstarter campaign, partially to fund completion of Band:Smart, partially to buy back his rights and partially to continue proving that punk is about making people THINK.

Here’s what Martin had to say about education:

My second book is called “welcome to the music business…..you’re FUCKED!’ building on a lecture I have been doing and the REAL surprising response that people KNOW they are, and actually prefer being told exactly how things are rather than having it sugar coated. I volunteer occasionally at a liberal arts high school for ‘at risk’ youth – MG21 in Madison – and one scene is indelibly etched on my brain – I left a copy of WTTMBYF’d on a table while i was talking to their teacher – I turned around to witness a fight – not a full on fight fight -but to and fro – ¬†gimme gimme gimme action – over a BOOK! – that was it. sorry to the seats of higher learning that cant take it, the libraries that wont allow it and anyone else that has a problem with it – game over. education, real education wins.

I love working with Martin. I love that he can take the ordinary and make it truly extraordinary. I love that we can disagree and fight, and come out the other side closer, stronger, and even more ready to change the world.

So, Martin? If you are listening, I say MARTIN ATKINS SUCKS!

He does. He makes me work hard. He makes me think, and makes me want more.

Keep up the awesome work.


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