Misery Loves Co. helps small businesses.  Sometimes that is a coffee shop, sometimes that is a singer/songwriter.  We teach business skills and entrepreneurial thinking.  If you want to know what we do, you can see What We Say.

But, why don’t we let our clients tell you about us?


“Joanna has that great combination of organised vision – without the condescension that sometimes comes with that ability – and an artistic sensibility that knows how to implement  a solution that works for the individual she is working with – not just ‘in theory”  She has always listened then presented meaningful solutions and insights to whatever clusterfuck of multiple entangled situations and ideas I have thrown at her. She has kept my head on straight for sure.” – Martin Atkins

For over three decades, Atkins has been at the cutting edge of where the entertainment industry is and where it’s headed. Once an “at-risk” youth himself, Atkins has spent thirty plus years as a Punk and Industrial drummer (Public Image Ltd., Killing Joke, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry), owner of Invisible Records, author (Tour:Smart), speaker/lecturer (SXSW, Warped Tour, CMJ, New Music Seminar, Unconvention, NAMM, Dfest, USC, Drexel, Virginia Commonwealth University’s Brand Center, Full Sail, Weiden + Kennedy, Chicago Cultural Center) and educator (Columbia College, revolution number three, MMI).

When he’s not teaching courses at Madison Media Institute in the EMB program (Touring, Advanced Entrepreneurship, Artist and Event Management, and Online Marketing), you can find him on the road, consulting with artists and organizations, or working on his next book, Band:Smart.


Joanna’s knowledge and helpfulness have proven invaluable to me in developing my career as a songwriter and an educator. She gave me very practical steps on how to distinguish myself as a business entity, and how to lay the foundation for having an extended career in the Music Industry. She’s a treasure, and I’m blessed to have learned from her; and I’m still learning!!

-David Taylor II

DAVID TAYLOR II(Composer/Producer)

is a graduate of the University of Illinois Champaign with a degree in Business Administration, of Trinity International University in Deerfield with a degree in Music(theory emphasis), and of the Music Industry Workshop of Chicago with certificates in both Record Production and Music Business.

His recent activities include producing the hit single, I Like it When You Do it Like That for U.K. artist Clyve Waite, being a co-composer for the smash hit Chicago based theater production, Eye of the Storm:The Bayard Rustin Musical, nominated for 3 Black Theater Alliance awards, being the rehearsal pianist for Steppenwolf’s production of Harriet Jacob’s Diary of a Slave Girl (Lydia Johnson, Playwright), producing the music for the McDonald’s Happy Meal promo commercial for the Disney movie Brother Bear, as well as arranging and producing the CD Return for new artist Richard Kincaid.

Current projects include the HipHop CD, Keep the Kids off the Streets, to be released Christmas 2009.

He is currently teaching the 28 week Music Business course at Music Industry Workshop of Chicago.


Misery Loves Co. has been an amazing resource for us. We’ve learned so much from Joanna and everyone there. They’ve offered the kind of personalized, thoughtful support that can only come from experience in the industry and real insight into who musicians are and what they need to move their careers forward. We’ve had many opportunities open up to us because of our affiliation with MLC. They’re simply the best people in the business to work with!

Stereo Sinai is a Chicago-based “Biblegum Pop” duo. They mix biblical Hebrew, Aramaic, and Yiddish lyrics with original pop music to create a unique ancient/modern fusion. Learn more about Stereo Sinai and hear the music at www.stereosinai.com.


“Misery Loves Co” is completely the opposite of what the name suggests. Friendly, knowledgeable staff who work with the client as a person and not as a financial gain or another statistic for “the books” (which, unfortunately, happens all too often under the cloak of sincerity and eagerness amongst the sharks who want “to help you.”)

During our meetings for “Writing The Rails,” Joanna QL has stepped so far away from her official role of consultant that you feel like you’re robbing her of her talents. Then, in an instant, she reminds you, as a client, that giving is anequal part of the equation of the working relationship – a lost art form these days.

Sound too good to be true? I assure you – there are exceptions to every rule. Count Misery Loves Co as an exception to the rule of “business as usual”!

David Kav – Singer/Songwriter currently working on 3rd album, and touring with Writing the Rails.

I have been working with Misery Loves Co. for over a year on various projects, a collaboration that has inspired and motivated me to push the envelope and take my work to new levels. Joanna Quargnali-Linsley’s wide ranging expertise and ability to approach things from many different angles never failing to bring out the best in those she works with.
- Baard Titlestad, publisher, song writer


Anita and Sheela of Chicago rock band, ½ Mad Poet, (www.halfmadpoet.com) had this to say about their meeting with Joanna Quargnali-Linsley of MLC:

“We were impressed with both Joanna’s knowledge of the music business and her straight forward, no nonsense approach to helping us advance in our music career.  She is a very organized individual whose knowledge of the digital revolution will help us to develop a plan of action to best utilize the new media to promote our music.  In between juggling our passion for music and our need to pay our bills with non-music work, it has been difficult to prioritize or figure out what we should be learning and working on first.  We came away from our first meeting with Joanna newly inspired and confident that the plan of action she is helping us work on will indeed help us realize our artistic aspirations.  Not only is Joanna competent, but she is fun to work with as she has a positive spirit and a creative outlook that encourages us to continually expand on ideas for marketing and keeping the band fun and inspiring.”


JQL patiently shared her experience, knowledge and hard earned wisdom with me and helped me navigate the bizarre world of music/entertainment. She is bad-fucking-ass!!!

-Beatriz Castillo http://meanlittlebumblebee.com/


My experience with MLC has been nothing less than a professional experience in the music business. No matter what project, Joanna and Sandro, provide a fun and educational environment in order to help you put forth your best performance whether it be behind the microphone or behind the desk. Through Joanna’s business classes and lessons I had been introduced to new ideas and techniques for becoming a more business minded musician and have excelled tremendously from it. I would recommend MLC for anyone that really wants to take things to the next level no matter what they do or where they come from. It is truly a genuine, once in a life time experience.

-Alex Sanders (The Texas Funerals and Alex and The MeowTones)