The Company

Chicago based Misery Loves Co. provides services and consultation for small businesses.  We focus on entrepreneurial thinking, and creative marketing.  MLC believes in providing great value  for a reasonable price, and encourages our clients to do the same.  We work with many musicians and artists, as well as a wide range of small ventures.


Misery Loves Co acts as a growth facilitator for independent artists, musicians and small businesses.  MLC helps clients realize their potential by improving their art, providing opportunities within their market, and education in the realities of the business.


An artist who does not have a firm grasp on the nature of the music business, the current models of business for Independent and Major Record Labels, contracts, copyrights, licensing, touring, etc. is at a severe disadvantage. There are opportunities to leverage new technologies and new distribution channels that have never before been available – Misery Loves evaluates these resources to determine which can work in a band’s favor and which exist to exploit the (often tight) pocketbooks of aspiring musicians.

MLC is owned and operated by musicians, so in performing their services their attention is always directed towards the musician’s best interest. In doing so, MLC seeks to prove that it is possible for musicians and the music industry to exist without destructively exploiting one another.

Misery Loves’  has experience as entrepreneurs, musicians, songwriters, educators, consultants and managers.

Joanna QL currently consults with companies and artists about their career strategies and goals. She can help with intellectual property, artist development, marketing, performance, and tools to run your own business. JQL also continues to write music, produce music, glass etch and work on various art projects.

Alessandro QL is a web designer and graphic designer,  a recording engineer and producer, plays bass and electric violin, and generally solves problems. AQL’s other artistic outlets are wood working, metal working, and cooking.